line betting

Line in sports betting

The betting line is a combination of all sports and competitions offered by the bookmaker for betting.

A simpler definition: line – all matches that you can bet on in a particular bookmaker. Often, the term is also understood as coefficients for the main outcomes of competitions.

Usually, the bookmaker’s line is the first thing a player sees on the company’s website. It looks like a set of sports, presented mainly in a vertical order.

The width of the line depends on the specific bookmaker. Top bookmakers have more than 30 sports events available for betting. In addition to sports, many rating offices offer their clients entertainment options – to predict the results of film awards, political elections, etc.

The number of available events for each sports discipline is also individual – bookmakers can review only top championships or offer exotic events to their customers.

Odds line

The bookmaker’s line is the odds that the bookmaker gives on the outcomes of the betting market, and at the same time the sports events offered for betting. A wide line is a large selection of sporting events.

Line correction or movement

Bookmakers adjust the line based on pre-match events (for example, injuries of the main players) and in the case of live betting on events during the match. This is called line movement.Also, the bookmaker line moves based on betting trends: if there are enough bets on one of the possible outcomes in the betting market, the odds for this outcome are reduced by the bookmaker, which makes the odds of other outcomes in this market more attractive. This is called line loading.

Markets and line painting

Markets in the line are outcomes on which bettors can bet their money. The list of outcomes depends on the specific office. Some bookmakers are limited to general markets only: match result, odds, totals, etc. Other offices try to surprise their clients with an abundance of markets. Top bookmakers offer more than 1000 outcomes for popular football, hockey or basketball matches. There you can even bet on the performance of the players.

Exotic markets are sometimes interesting for bookmakers because traditional outcomes (totals, odds, outcome of the game) are easier to analyze, and when assessing the probability of rare outcomes, miscalculations are possible – the bettor will get the opportunity to bet with overpriced quotes.

Beginning players often do not take into account one important rule of the bookmaker’s office – all markets are considered only in regular time, unless otherwise indicated in the wording. When a player scores in extra time, that goal will not count towards the traditional bet.

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