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What is the Martingale strategy and how to apply it

The Martingale strategy is one of the most popular sports betting strategies. Its pitfalls are known to many experienced bettors. But if you understand the mathematical principles of the strategy well, then you can easily find quite profitable options for its application.

Martingale system

The Martingale strategy in sports betting is considered a rather controversial technique. She came from playing in a casino, and there, as you know, you can go in the black for a long time, and then lose the entire bank in a couple of moments.

Martingale and catch-up are twin strategies. In sports betting, martingale means that the bettor must double the amount of his bet in case of a loss. Thanks to this tactic, if you win, you will return what you lost earlier and you can even stay in a small plus, although it is very difficult to apply the strategy psychologically.

There are no differences between the strategy under consideration and catch-up – both there and there it is necessary to choose coefficients in the region of 2.0. In addition, the size of the bet must be strictly doubled, and not just increased taking into account past losses.

How the Martingale system works

Let’s clarify right away that Martingale is not a guaranteed profit strategy. A bettor who uses tactics will lose rarely, but in a big way, but win small amounts, albeit often. So it is worth talking, rather, about the redistribution of winnings.

First, the bettor must determine the size of his bank (the bigger the better) and the amount of the minimum bet (it should be a small percentage of the bankroll).The minimum bet depends on the number of iterations (repetitions) that the bettor expects.

The essence of the strategy is very simple: we bet on an event with a coefficient of around 2.0, and in case of a loss, we double the amount of the next bet. Let’s say you made 5 bets with odds strictly 2.0, starting with $10. On the 2nd bet, I had to bet already 20, and on the 5th – as much as 160 dollars. If the 5th bet passes, your net winnings will be $10 – after that, we return to the initial minimum bet.

How to use Martingale for sports betting

Any sports betting strategy only works if used correctly. In the case of Martingale, professional cappers advise you to adhere to the following rules:

  • Double your bet every time you lose a bet. Do this until you win;
  • if you win, stick strictly to the first bet, no matter how great the temptation to increase it.


In football, you can try to bet on draws using Martingale. The coefficient for this market is usually at least 3.0. thus, winning at least every 3rd bet, you will remain in the plus.

In tennis, it is recommended to use the strategy for betting on underdogs in women’s matches. Especially successfully you can catch odds from 2.0 and higher. If you track information about which of the favorites won the previous tournament or reported health problems.

In a basketball game, the favorite team rarely wins all 4 quarters. According to statistics, at least one of the game segments remains behind the underdog, and the odds for this outcome consistently exceed 2.0.The catch-up strategy fits this statistic perfectly. If it so happened that the outsider still did not win a single quarter in the match, bet on the same team in the following games.

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