prediction for a football match

How to make a prediction for a football match

It is simply impossible to bet on sports without your own forecast. Before deciding on the final choice, it is necessary to consider the event from all sides, mentally predict its course, and only then place a bet. To do this, you have to process a large flow of information, but this work will significantly increase your chances of winning at the bookmaker.

Where to begin?

First you need to decide on the type of sport and the championship / championships for betting. You need to pay attention to what you are good at. If you like football or basketball, then you do not need to open the “Tennis” section in the line.

Collection of information on a football match

After you decide on the sport and leagues you plan to bet on, you need to move on to collecting data on upcoming matches. It includes a number of factors:

Season statistics

First of all, when considering a football match, we intuitively try to determine its nature: who is the favorite, what result to expect, whether there will be a scoring extravaganza or boring zeros. Most often, such assumptions can be made just by looking at the standings. But how to use them correctly, and how to combine them with other factors to make a complete forecast? Of course, represent everything in the form of numbers. Numbers are the basis of analysis and statistics.

Home / Away matches

When giving a forecast, you need to understand what form the teams are in in the current segment of the season. To do this, we analyze the last few games.Anyone who follows football knows that it is easier for a team to play at home, but harder away from home.

Similar rivals

This is a factor that takes into account the matches played. As you may have guessed, we will talk about teams that are as similar as possible to the current opponent.

When selecting opponents, we take into account not only the number of points and position. The number of goals scored and conceded, as well as their difference, also plays a big role here. After all, they show what style of play the team prefers.


Although team coaches often state that every single match is important, in reality this is not the case. A team can sacrifice a result in an unimportant league game in order to get fresh for a game in European competition. It should also be taken into account that the team that claims the championship in the last rounds will have more motivation than the team that has lost the theoretical chances of getting into European competition.

Team line-ups

Sometimes famous clubs lose in the early stages of cup competitions. Such losses are always a sensation, but if you look at the protocols of the games, then everything falls into place, as often the favorites release a semi-reserve squad. When analyzing, make sure that the teams will perform with the optimal composition. If the teams have key players in the infirmary, it is worth reconsidering their views on their chances.

Team coaches

The personality of the coach is one of the components of the success of the team. Often after a football game you can hear the opinion that this is a coaching victory.This means that the teams are generally the same, but the right attitude towards the game and the correct substitutions of the coach made it possible to win.


Most importantly, it is necessary to take into account all the factors that we mentioned above. In some cases, you can neglect something if one thing stands out strongly (for example, you know 100% that in the upcoming game one team will play in a fully reserve lineup), and this, in turn, will be the main nuance in your analysis.

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